Hi, I’m Victoria.

As a recovering awkwardly shy person, I realized that I’ve spent years and years of my life trying to fit in. And say the right thing. And make people like me. And try to hide my weirdness by blending in.

And, well…. that’s exhausting.

Clarity comes with me being in my 40’s and realizing that (holy shit) years have gone by and I’m still not doing what I really want to do with my life. I’m still not living my best and most authentic life.

I’m on my own journey to live my life the way that I want. That includes the people, places and things that I want to surround myself with. This podcast is a result of all of the work that I’ve been doing to live my own, joyful and authentic life.

How did I come up with the name? I was meeting with an acquaintance when she said words that changed my life.

“Darling, Stop Playing With The Trash”

And right then I knew that I had to make some changes in my life. 

I took that advice to mean that I should let go of all of the TRASH that isn’t serving me: the people, the situations, the jobs, etc… Either way, that sounds like some pretty good advice, don’t you think?

To find out more about Victoria and how she helps her clients create effortless money, go to: VictoriaSexton.com