Episode 1

Let’s Take Out The Trash To Make Room For The Good Stuff

Episode summary: Stop playing with the trash in your life to make room for more joy, prosperity, abundance, genuine friends who love you, and more.

Guest bio/intro: Victoria is a business nerd who’s also a little woo. I’ll be sharing with you how I got fed up and decided to stop playing with the trash in my life to make room for the good stuff. This podcast is for people who want to level up and get more joy out of life while letting go of the junk that holds us back.

In this episode we discuss the kind of trash that we’re going to let go of to get make room for the good stuff, including:

– Friendships that don’t serve us

– Accepting crumbs instead of the whole cupcake

– Situations, scenarios or people who leave us feeling “icky”

Here’s just a few types of trash:

1.I think of the “trash” as the junk that we accept because we think that we need to.

2.The trash is also the crumbs that we accept.

3. The trash is the relationships that we put up with.

4. Friendships, situations, scenarios that leave us feeling “icky”.