Episode 35

Forgiveness is a gift for YOU, not THEM.

Episode summary: Ahhh, forgiveness during the holidays. Is someone pressuring you into forgiving just because it’s the holidays. 

You see, forgiveness, is really a gift to yourself. If someone else is guilting you into forgiving someone else, don’t do it for them. Do it for you.

Keywords/Tags: f-it, forgiveness, self care, take care of yourself

On this episode we discuss:

    • Holding onto anger, stress, sadness is bad for you – for your health and it causes wrinkles

    • Forgiveness is a gift to yourself. It allows you to let go of that garbage that you’re holding on to.

    • Don’t even consider forgiving someone just because it’s Christmas – F That.

Episode url: dontplaywithtrash.com/episode35

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