Episode 39

Save Yourself… Financially. Stop Expecting Other People To Take Care Of Your Money

Right now is the time for women to save themselves, financially. It seems super easy to just to have someone else take care of the money, doesn’t it? In reality, women live longer than men. That means there’s a high probability that we will be responsible for our money at some point in time. So why not get informed and know what’s happening with our money NOW.

You can save yourself. You can be the hero of your own story. I know you can do it. 

On this episode we’ll discuss:

    • Why you should figure out your money sh!t, even if it’s hard
    • Why you should know what’s going on with your money, even if it seems easy to let your man take care of it
    • Women live longer than men, so why shouldn’t we know what’s going on with our money? 
    • How can you be the hero of your own story if you expect someone else to save you?

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