Season 2 Episode 2

Why You're Broke: Is There Really A Housing Shortage?

I’ve been wondering… Is there REALLY a housing shortage. I mean, what’s really happening with real estate prices going up 20% or more each year over the past few years?  

In this episode I talk about:
1. Institutional investors purchasing residential houseing
2. Foreign governments purchasing residential housing
3. iBuyer and other programs purchasing residential housing, then flipping, possibly inflating the prices of the housing
4. The fact that the media has downplayed these groups who are purchasing residential property and we’ve just been told: “there’s a housing shortage”. Is that really true or are consumers fighting to purchase a home when institutional investors are driving up the price of homes? 
5. What all this means for regular folks who are just tiring to buy a home

Listen to the whole episode and decide for yourself. 

Read these articles for yourself and come to your own conclusions.