Why you're broke: You gave away your power, and your money

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia really got me thinking… what if,  more women had SICK money. I’m talking Oprah-level money.  How could we, as women, impact the world if we had more money, and consequently,  more resources at our disposal?

In this episode I talk about:
1. How women have gotten used to letting their man handle their money, consequently handing their power over to their man.
2. The number of women millionaires, CEO’s, etc… is staggeringly low compared to the number of men in those same categories
3. More money = More impact. The more money women have, the more than their impact their community (on the micro) and the world (macro).
4. What women can do now to take control of their money. 

Listen to the whole episode and decide for yourself. 


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