Season 3 Episode 1

To start off season 3,  we’re talking about the “unseen, perennial generation”. This includes women age 40 to 65. This group of women is unseen because we’re not being marketed to. We’re not the focus of products and services. Many companies focus on millennials, but with TRILLIONS of dollars in purchasing power, it’s a missed opportunity that this segment is so terribly overlooked.

It’s not enough that we know that this generation of women is unseen and invisible generation. We need to show up and let the world SEE US, KNOW US and HEAR US!

Wonderful shares how she’s been obsessed with the perennial generation.  – HOW CAN WE REACH THE 40+ WOMEN who are wanting to spend 15-23 trillion dollars on health, beauty, mindset, food, cars, menopause, household goods, personal development, healing, wine and other recreational activities, travel, education and so much more. 

About Wonderful:

Wonderful Morrison is a  Business Leadership Coach and Founder and CEO of LeadHER Academy based in Bellevue, Washington. She believes that Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so hard and she’s here to help.

She teaches savvy, soulful, smart women to uncomplicate their businesses so they can work less and live more.

She’s a mother of 3 adult children 2 girls (27 & 25) and a boy (21) and a grandmother to 2 beautiful granddaughters. She’s been called a wife to the love of her life for 27 years. She loves libraries, museums, classical music, ramen (NOT TOP RAMEN) champagne, and crystal clear ocean beaches.

Having run multiple successful businesses over two decades, she uses the wealth of her experience in helping women entrepreneurs get results. LeadHER Academy is the premier source for online education aimed at women entrepreneurs, coaches, and leaders focused on improving leadership skills and business knowledge through unparalleled online group, 1:1 trainings, courses and events.

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